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Natural Beaded Row Extensions

We are excited to offer you Natural Beaded Row (NBR) extensions. 

No Mess,  No Glue, Invisible 

Ebony Raw Natural Tape-Ins

Versatility with flexibility. Our Natural textured tape-ins is a great alternative to wigs and sew ins. Get the desired length and volume while letting your hair breath with tape-in extensions. 

Have questions? No worries... Scroll down we have answers

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are NBR Extensions??

NBR Extensions is a  hair extension method utilizing a unique sew in approach using wefts of hair rather than individual strands, leading to more hair with less damage. No glue or no harsh chemicals. It is a safe method and great for most types of hair

How much do they cost??

To come up with the most accurate quote, we would have to perform a face-to-face consultation. During this time, we will determine what your hair will need to achieve the best match of extensions and answer any questions you may have.  On average extensions can cost from $500-$2000 depending on length and fullness

How Long Does my hair have to be??

I recommend the length of hair be close to the shoulders to guarantee a good blend. Of course their are some acceptptions, 

Can I bring in my own hair?

We only use our professional distributors when ordering & installing hair extensions. This guarantees the best quality and perfect color blend.

How often will they need to be redone??

We need to see each other every 6-8 weeks. This is to ensure no breakage or damage will be done to your natural hair.

Will they be super long?


The great thing about extensions is that they are 100% customizable. Rather you're looking for extra length or just fullness we have you covered.