Digital Consultation Terms & Conditions

     New Guests

  • Complete the digital consultation form below. Schedule your consultation for a color match, and we will place your order for the extensions. ($50 cost for this visit) 

  • Pay your retainer fee which will hold your install appointment. 

  • This fee is non transferable or refundable. 

  • Select the date for your instal to be completed. 

Your First Appointment will include 

  • Installation of 100% Human hair extensions 

  • A customized blended Cut & Style 

  • A styling and care tutorial 

  • If color service is needed, this will be addressed at the initial consultation

Maintenance Appointments 

I must see you every 6-8 weeks.  

  • Extensions will be completely removed and moved up to prevent breakage. 

  • Extensions will be reinstalled 

  • You are not required to get a shampoo/cut, but additional services can be added if you desire. 

Long Term Expectations 

  • Extensions can last from 6-12 months depending on you care for them at home

  • You may have to invest in new hair extensions twice a year. 

Get Hair Extensions! Please fill out our digital hair extension form. This is the first step in the hair extension process. We will be back in touch within 24 hours. 

Which would best describe your hair?
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Will you be needing color services with your hair extensions?

Thank you so much  for submitting a hair  extension quote request! We will be reaching out within 24 hours.